Sunday, March 16, 2008

To Live and Die in Starlight ....

Russ has finished the badge for the Minbari Ranger uniform! I have sworn a blood oath to him that he will see his creation prominently displayed on the outfit once Andrea completes it. After I fondle it for a while in my grubby little hands, I'm going to send it down to her to make sure the outfits have enough tensile strength to hold the item. According to Russ, this thing is HEAVY. Ready? Here's the completed, one-of-a-kind insignia.

From this:

To this:

This work of art - "wearable art" is the correct term - just makes me more itchy to have uniform sooner rather than later. But - as with every project - patience is a virtue.

We also used a completely new process to design and develop this badge - but, I want to let Russ explain it on his website. Now Russ - being the sick and twisted individual that I know and love - titled his post "Frickin' Laser Beams."

I (being equally sick and twisted) could NOT let that slide. So - hat's off to Russ and his EVIL fabrication technology!