Monday, June 8, 2009

Renaissance Man

I have always subscribed to the fact that Russ Sharek - artisan and jeweler extraordinaire - was a man of many talents. From Green Lantern rings to "300" Mede-killer medallions to Feanorian cufflinks, there wasn't a thing I could throw at him that he couldn't do. And with an exactitude bordering on the transcendent.

What I didn't know was that his artistic repertoire was not limited to physical reality.

Russ was recently an exhibitor at the D Art Slam and showcased some of his digital illustration works.


The images are evocative, alluring and done with the same beautiful, artistic, refined and yes, rebellious energy that Russ brings to his other works of creation.

Bravo Russ.


The link to his portfolio is at

To move back in forth in the portfolio, use the navigation section to the right on his portfolio screen to move forwards and backwards in the collection. Russ will be offering the illustrations in limited-edition giclee prints as well as photographic reproductions.