Saturday, July 19, 2008


As I mentioned in my previous post, I am also the proud owner of a basket-hilt rapier. This serves dual duty for my pirate and generic swordsman outfits. As usual, my regular partners in crime were involved:

  • Reg - for the sword frog and the leather pirate vest
  • Andrea - for a splendid ruffled piratical shirt in sapphire blue linen
  • Joey - for the bucket boots
A few new "special guest appearances" were also involved. These included an ebay seller for the rapier itself, and for the sash in black satin with gold trim.

I've found now that I've reached a "critical mass" of costume articles, what I can do with them is really quite amazing. I have some Highlander/Swordsman-type shirts both from Reg and from Snowbirds Creations which when paired with a pair of long gauntlets, or archer's vambraces, can be used anywhere. The great thing is that everything I have is comfortable. I don't have a problem wearing anything for an extended period of time.

I think of all the costumes I've put together so far, this was the easiest; of course, I have the constant struggle with Reg and due dates, but after my Greg Podgorny fiasco, I've come to realize that late (and no prepayment) is better than never - even if I have to nag the guy. Andrea - well, what can I say about her that I haven't already? She is an absolute joy to work with. Joey and Priscilla of Caboots - great folks. These were a set of their "standard" boots which are more comfortable than sneakers.

After this was put together, I was able to add a few little "twists" to the costume. I purchased a mask from Greyland Films - a very famous (in the Czech Republic) film production company known for their realistic latex foam creations - and a Jack Sparrow wig/bandanna combination from eBay. The mask was supposed to be an American Indian, but works extremely well as a pirate. I went to two "Pirates of the Caribbean" parties and the masked and unmasked versions were both very well received.