Monday, August 2, 2010

Mars Attacks!!

"Being a galactic overlord isn't the easiest of jobs. There's rebellions to quell, planets to crush beneath my heel and hell, even stars to make go super-nova.

The worst thing is - you've got to be 'on' constantly. Can't afford any slip-ups with the cutthroats and brigands I call my crew. That also includes looking my best all the time.

My beard was getting a little long and unruly so when my fleet entered the Sol system, I decided to give you humans a break. Even though I was feeling particularly cranky.

If I could find someone who could make my goatee look presentable, I'd allow your little blue-and-green planet a chance to join the Empire on their own, instead of enslaving the population as I was planning to do.

I may be ruthless and despotic, but I do keep my word. It's a point of honor with me. Just ask the inhabitants of Canopus IV ... oh, wait. You can't. I told them I'd blow up their planet if they didn't bow to my will. And they didn't.

But, hey - that proves my point, right? RIGHT?

I tracked down this Terran named "Russ Sharek" and I was mightily impressed by the fact that he didn't faint dead away when I teleported into his studio. I told him what I wanted and the stakes that were involved.

He got to work right away - and I *am* one happy conqueror. Beautiful, simple, elegant and quickly and skillfully done.

You've got Russ Sharek here to thank for your continued existence. And you'd better be nice to him ... OR ELSE."

Commander and Overlord
Galactic Third Fleet
S'karian Empire

For the longest time, I've always wanted a really good looking, evil alien mask along the lines of Ming the Merciless from the old (and new) Flash Gordon productions. But I never found anything that quite fit the bill.

Then, I came across some of the custom creations from Wes Branton at Composite Effects, a special-effects studio out of Baton Rouge. What struck a chord with me was his creation of a blue genie reminiscent of the djinn from Aladdin:

So I explained what I wanted to Wes and he was more than happy to oblige. Like Andrea and Russ, it's a great feeling to find someone who's not only extremely talented and creative, but amazingly down-to-earth, with a killer sense of humor, and has a VERY firm grasp on customer service.

Wes and I can discuss a project and our back-and-forth produces an amazing result.

When I got the mask, I noticed that the beard was a little longer than I had wanted it - Russ, of course, being the completely twisted individual I know and love - came up with the idea of an "alien beard ornament" to keep the goatee in shape. So, I promised him a product shot. And a testimonial to go with it.

So, I can add Wes Branton to the short list of "amazingly capable artists" and more kudos to Russ for making a galactic despot a happy camper.


Anonymous said...

I know this is totally irrevelant to your post but I was curious since you're located in New York. Do you go to the Sands Point Medieval Faire?

Also, do yo know of any vendors who make custom clothing? I've been looking for someone to make one of three outfits for myself (Boromir's, Faramir's, or a Gondorian Ranger's)
Thank you kindly

Herion said...

Hi there,

No, I've never gone to the Sands Point Faire - but that's because I didn't know it existed!

Please take a look at the links on the left of the blog. For "material" clothing, Twin Roses Design is hands down THE BEST in the business. Leather -- Ravenswood Leather in Oregon, and maille and armor, The Lonely Mountain Forge.

I also have written some extensive reviews of stuff from each of these vendors, so please browse around the other entries in the blog.

Thank you for reading!

Anonymous said...

The Sands Point Faire is really cool, small and low profile but cool if you like the Middle Ages, I'd recommend checking it out if you're into that or want to show off a costume. It's held in September though so you'd have to wait until next year.